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Residential Forum notes 19th October 2016

Posted on the 10th November 2016

These are notes (not minutes) and reflect the opinions and understandings of those present

Mary Anson chaired the meeting.

Mary reported on the recent Care Association Alliance which is attended by Mary and Richard, both representing CPIC. Action: Richard to draft a short overview of the Care Association Alliance for members.

David suggested doing something similar for CPIC’s committee. Action: Richard to draft an overview of the CPIC Committee.

Richard reported that following a meeting with a local Solicitor specialising in outstanding debt collection, their fees are £200 per hour and they were looking for volunteers to be a test case. It was felt that with the complex problems, it would be rare for two cases to be the same and that this would be too costly.

It was suggested that someone be invited to attend a future meeting to provide some more information on the STP (Sustainability and Transformation Plan).

It was reported that CHC (Continuing HealthCare) are issuing new contracts with a minimum fee of £700, which may increase subject to assessment of additional needs. It appears that the new contracts are only being issued to Nursing homes, even though many Residential homes have services users funded by CHC.

It was also reported that many providers still have some service users that have not been assessed under the new RAS system.

David reported on the Enabling Discharge Pathway 3 pilot, which runs until January 2017. David is involved and takes patients from Hospital for up to 12 weeks using the Trusted Assessor, rather than carrying out his own assessment. David has given the Trusted Assessor strict criteria, which seems to be being followed without any major issues so far.
David also reported that he is trialling blending domiciliary and residential care commissioning as part of a pilot allowing patients to mix and match. They are also installing the “Eclipse” IT system which integrates with the NHS system to allow sharing of data.

Mary circulated two documents; A report that Council’s nationally are behind on their Care Act reviews as well as an article on covert medication in Care Homes.

CPIC have a meeting scheduled with Derek Thomas MP on Friday, and have met with Steve Double MP and Sarah Newton MP previously.

It was reported that Cornwall Council are now paying all staff the National Living Wage (£8.25) as a minimum.

A discussion took place around how the Council are not aware that what happens in the field is not what is planned. For example, some Nursing Homes only get referrals direct from Hospital wards, or Community Hospitals, and not from Social Workers.

The meeting also discussed how blame was always levelled at Providers when it is not always necessarily the case.

A discussion took place around whether the Council could pay Providers the gross fee. This would remove the burden on Providers to chase for client contributions and would save Providers money as some Providers hire bookkeepers solely to do the invoicing for additional fees etc.


  • Action: Richard to draft a short overview of the Care Association Alliance for members.
  • Action: Richard to draft an overview of the CPIC Committee.

 Next Residential Forum is 29th November 2016 at 10:00.

Venue is Crossroads Care Home, Scorrier