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FNC rate for 2017/18

Posted on the 16th March 2017

The Department of Health has announced changes to the 2017/18 rate for NHS-funded Nursing Care, to be applicable from 1 April 2017.

Following the recommendations of the review by Mazars LLP on the agency cost component of the rate, DH has decided to reduce the agency component by £3.29. It is also uplifting the non-agency component of the rate by 1.7% for overall pay, meaning a 17/18 rate of £155.05 per week, a reduction of £1.20 or -0.8%. The higher rate is similarly being amended by -0.8% to £213.32 per week.

There will be no retrospective change to the 16/17 rate.

The announcement is now available here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/nhs-funded-nursing-care-rate-for-2017-to-2018

The study by Mazars LLP will be available here http://www.mazars.co.uk/Home/Our-Sectors/Public-Services/Health/NHS-Funded-Nursing-Care-Review