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LD DOM Forum notes 24th April 2018

Posted on the 30th April 2018

LD Dom Care Forum

Held at Crossroads Care Home 24th April 2018

These are notes (not minutes) and reflect the opinions and understandings of those present

Christine chaired the Forum.

The main topic for discussion was the current ITT process and the current expectation that the new contract is due to start in June 2018.

Currently, according to the revised Indicative Timetable, we are in the middle of the negotiating period which runs from 16th April to the 4th May, however as far as anyone is aware only one Provider has been approached for any type of negotiation. The Provider was offered new rates for days and nights. The offer was rejected.

One other Provider has been approached by the Council, however this is on a matter unrelated to the ITT. They have been invited to attend to the Councils annual supplier summit in May.

Nobody at the Forum was aware of any other Providers that have been contacted regarding negotiations, although it was reported that one Provider (not at the Forum) has been invited to a meeting later this week.

Some Providers have been asked via email through the Portal for additional info on their business plans and pricing. Some Providers were not aware of this. It was suggested that they contact the Council, both via the Portal and via phone to see if they are required and are still able to provide a response. The letter that was issued gave a deadline of March 13th, even though the letter was sent in April, so there seems to be some confusion around the actual deadline.

A few Providers reported contact from Health indicating that they will still use Providers not signed up to the Council’s contract.

It was also reported that Providers have been told that they will be able to sign a contract for the individual commissioners rather than one contract for both (eg, Providers could sign the contract for Health, but not the Council).

For some Providers, this ITT process has given them an opportunity for the most detail look at their own financial situation for quite some time. This means that Providers are better informed regarding costs etc than they have been for years.

Providers that have not engaged with the ITT process expressed that given the uncertainty surrounding the process, they are delighted to have abstained and to not have the stress.

It was acknowledged by both Providers who have submitted and those that have not, that regardless of price, the proposed contract is unworkable in the format that it was presented to the sector, and several Providers that they would not be signing unless there were reasonable amendments.

It was highlighted that the Cornwall Council’s Adult Social Care webpages include promotion of the Cor Care and Cormac services. Many felt that this afforded them an unfair advantage.

It was also reported that Stage 1 of the Ethical Care Charter (ECC), which the Council claims to have signed up to (there is no reference to Cornwall Council signing up on the Save Care Now website), contains the statement “The starting point for commissioning of visits will be client need and not minutes or tasks.”. There was a discussion around how the Council could justify operating minute by minute invoicing alongside the ECC, or whether the Council has actually signed up.

The Forum discussed some recent communications including the statement from the Council and supported by Steve Double MP around the Council’s admission that they are thinking again on controversial changes to adult social care charging.


The Forum also discussed the Integrated strategic commissioning update email from the KCCG, which seemed to suggest that they will not have a strategy for joint commissioning before September. The joint contract with Cornwall Council is due to start in June.


Christine informed the meeting of two useful upcoming events and will provide the details to Richard for onward circulation;

End of Life conference next month in St Austell

Diabetes Research event in the Knowledge Spa

A discussion took place around the lack of a regional pathway for End of Life in Cornwall. It is hoped that an announcement on the End of Life strategy will be made at the conference in St Austell. Christine has found some useful free training and it was also suggested that Cornwall Hospice are also offering free training to social care providers.

Richard indicated that the legal costs for the Solicitors was higher than contributions from Providers and urged Providers that have not yet donated if they would be willing to do so. Tish reminded Providers that the work done so far has already benefitted the sector in discussions with the Council and will continue to do so.

Richard also reminded Providers that the fees owed survey is still open. The survey is totally anonymous and the more data we can gather on the fees owed, the stronger the case we can make when discussing issues with commissioners.


The meeting closed at 11.30am.